lot, lots, a lot, a lot of, lots of等的用法


1.用于 a lot of (=lots of),意为许多,可用于修饰可数或不可数名词。如:

We need a lot of [lots of] money. 我们需要很多钱。

He has quite a lot of [lots of] friends. 他有很多朋友。


A lot of money was spent on it. 在它上面花了很多钱。

A lot of people were interested in it. 对此感兴趣的人很多。

2.单独用的a lot具有以下用法:


A lot hangs on this decision. 很多事情都取决于这一决定。

A lot will depend on how she responds to the challenge. 在很大程度上将取决于她对这一难题的反应。


Sophia must have been through a lot. 索菲娅一定受过很多苦。

I have learned a lot from him since I have known him. 自从我认识了他,我向他学到许多东西。


Two hundred pounds is a lot to spend on a dress. 买一件衣服要花200英镑是够多的。



It’s a lot colder today than it was yesterday. 今天比昨天冷得多。

Houses are a lot more expensive these days. 如今的房价贵多了。


He has helped me a lot. 他给予了我很大的帮助。

George smokes a lot. 乔治烟抽得很多。

I play tennis quite a lot in the summer. 夏天我经常打网球。

She is very pretty and goes out a lot. 她长得很漂亮,常常到外头玩。

在口语中,有时可用lots代替a lot。如:

She loves him lots. 她非常爱他。

There’s lots we can do. 有许多事情我们可以做。

I eat lots less than I used to. 我吃得比从前少得多。