few a few表肯定意义与否定意义分类理解


few a few 都只用于修饰或代替复数可数名词,它们表肯定意义与否定意义的基本原则如下:

1. 单独使用的 few,它在形式上是肯定的,但在意义上却是否定的,其意为“很少”“几乎没有”

He has few friends besides us. 除了我们,他几乎没什么朋友。

There are few settlements in the wilderness. 在那荒野的地方很少有部落。

We are making a few alterations to the house. 我们对房子进行了一些改建。

He is very shy and has few friends. 他非常害羞,朋友很少。

A lot of guests were expected, but few came. 本来预计要来很多客人,但没来几个。

As yet few have done their full duty, present company excepted. 迄今全部完成任务的人很少,在座的人除外。

2. 带不定冠词的 a few 表示肯定意义,其意为“几个”“一些”。如:

I anticipate a few problems. 我预料会遇到几个问题。

Only a few people have been to the Arctic Circle. 只有少数人去过北极圈。

In a few minutes, the tired boy fell asleep. 不几分钟疲倦的男孩就睡了。

I will throw out a few points that you will think about. 我将提出几点意见供你思考。

The road bends to the right after a few yards. 这条路在几码远的地方转向右方。

I just had time to cram down a few biscuits before we left. 在我们离开之前,我只来得及吃了几块饼干。

A few specimens will illustrate their general character. 几个标本就能说明它们的基本特征。

We reconstructed what the dinosaur looked like from a few of its bones. 我们根据恐龙的一些骨头重组恐龙的原貌。

3. few前使用了定冠词、物主代词或其他限定词时,则不表否定意义。如:

I need another few days before I can make up my mind. 我还需几天才能决定。

She tied up her few belongings into a bundle. 她把自己仅有的几件东西束成一捆。

Guests were crowded into the few remaining rooms. 把客人都挤在剩余的几个房间里了。

These few words fully revealed her noble quality. 这寥寥几句话充分显示了她的崇高品质。

I never expected those few items to come to so much. 我绝想不到就那么几项合计起来竟要这么多钱。

The ten men have packed what few belongings they have. 10个人已将他们仅有的一点行装打点好了。

4. 注意:not a few的意思不是“很少”,而是“不少”或“相当多”,它与quite a few, a good few大致同义。如:

Not a few of my friends are vegetarian. 我朋友中不少人吃素。

There were hundreds of protestors, not a few of whom were women. 有数百名抗议者,其中相当一部分为妇女。