Would you like a drink? 请您喝一杯好吗?

Tea is a popular drink in this area. 茶是本地的大众饮料。

Jeff stopped to get a drink of water. 杰夫停下来喝了杯水。

He brought us two drinks. 他给我们端来了两杯饮料。

We have plenty of bottled drinks. 我们有大量的瓶装饮料。

有时也用作不可数名词,泛指一般意义的饮料,尤其是用于 food and drink(饮食)这一搭配时。如:

Man must die without food and drink. 人无饮食必死。

There was lots of food and drink left over from the party. 晚会过后剩下许多食物和饮料。


He is too fond of drink. 他太喜欢饮酒。

He is a good husband except when he is in drink. 他不喝酒时是个好丈夫。


He became excited and talkative after two drinks. 两杯酒一下肚,他变得兴奋话多起来了。

2.用作动词,表示,主要用于直接用口(不是用匙子)喝饮料(如water, milk, beer, coffee, tea 等)的场合。如

Drink up your milk!把牛奶喝完

Drink your coffee before it gets cold. 趁热把咖啡喝了。

汉语里的喝酒,在通常情况下英语一般只用 drink即可。如:

She doesn’t smoke or drink. 她不抽烟也不喝酒。

You may drink, but don’t let the drink overcome you. 酒你可以喝,但不要醉倒。


He would rather drink wine than beer. 他喜欢喝红葡萄酒而不喜欢喝啤酒。