有的以-ly结尾的词不是副词而是形容词,如:lovely, lonely, lively, deadly, friendly, unfriendly, likely, unlikely, silly, ugly, daily, womanly, motherly, fatherly, brotherly, sisterly, elderly等。另外,weekly, daily等也可用作形容词。这类形容词大多是用来描述人的品质的。如:

He said it in deadly earnest. 他说这话时态度极为认真。

She had a classical, womanly shape. 她拥有典型的熟女身材。

The village has a lovely friendly feel. 这村子给人的感觉可爱又友好。

For all his money, he’s a very lonely man. 他虽然富有,可是非常寂寞。

He gave her a brotherly kiss on the cheek. 他像亲兄弟一样吻了她的面颊。

She’s a lively child and popular with everyone. 她是个活泼的孩子,大家都喜欢她。

Elderly people are not always resistant to change. 上了年纪的人并不总是抗拒改变。

The silly girls were wild about the famous film star. 这些傻姑娘们都迷上了那位著名影星。

It’s such a depressing town ? it’s full of ugly, disused factories. 小镇死气沉沉,全是废弃的丑陋厂房。