This place is well-known for its scenery. 这个地方以风景出名。(介词 for 表示原因)

He is rather well-known as a poet. 作为一位诗人他是相当有名气的。(介词 as 表示身份)

It’s well-known to us that he is a thief. 他是个贼,这点我们很清楚。(介词 to 表示对某人来说)

2.其比较等级形式可以是 better-known, best-known more well-known, most well-known。如:

Swan Lake is one of Tchaikovsky’s best-known compositions. 《天鹅湖》是柴可夫斯基最著名的作品之一。

Mr Smith has written some short stories, but he’s better known [more well-known] for his plays. 史密斯先生写过一些短篇小说,但他的剧本更出名。